Care and Wellbeing Center Resource Guide

Welcome to the Care and Wellbeing Center (CWC) Resource Guide! Explore below to find comprehensive resources that can strengthen your skills to serve people living with HIV over 50. Resources will guide you through key considerations for physical health, mental health, behavioral health, senior services, and more! You will also find previous editions of our newsletter: The Care and Wellbeing Center Chronicle.

Current Issue – CWC Chronicle: Issue Nine

In the spirit of Pride Month, this edition celebrates the progress we have made in HIV and Aging services. We also celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Denver Principles. The Denver Principles changed how we conduct medical and social services to best serve and include those living with HIV.

Previous Issues:

This edition elevates National Asian and Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day and organizations who are supporting API communities. In addition, we share additional resources from aging services such as the Administration on Community Living and the National Council on Aging.

Our seventh edition of the CWC Chronicle thanks ROC4Aging+ for their work in the Grantee Action Update series. This series showcased the important work of Gilead HIV Age Positively Initiative grantees. Appropriately, this issue celebrates the progress made in HIV and Aging programs, grantmaking, and comprehensive research efforts.

Our sixth edition celebrates National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day and includes literature on trauma-informed care, fall prevention, and culturally-responsive mental health care for faith-based communities.

Our fifth edition brings attention to local efforts to support people aging with HIV and LGBTQ+ communities and the effects of exercise, alcohol, and internal cognitive strengths on the aging process.

Our fourth edition shared a summary of our first year activities, the importance of reframing aging, and new insights on the different lived experiences of aging LGBTQ+ individuals.

Our third edition highlighted celebratory events across the region, the new Challenge Grants to develop programs serving people aging with HIV, and new guides to improve services for older adults.

Our second edition included the new Glasgow Manifesto, community recognition, and numerous articles on clinical considerations for people living with HIV over 50.

Our first edition shared news of a multidisciplinary center on aging, efforts to build the healthcare navigator workforce, and a key article on the future of funding for Aging services.

In this special edition, we shared key considerations for women living with HIV over 50 and resources to build and execute peer programming to reduce stigma in HIV and Aging services.

In this special edition, we highlighted community-driven programming, research, and best practices to develop strengths in Black-centered HIV and Aging services.

HIV and Aging Resources

The Ribbon Organizing Center developed ROC4Aging+, an HIV an Aging technical assistance center. Access their website for HIV and Aging webinars, news, and current efforts for people aging with HIV.

The California Department of Public Health – California Planning Group created an HIV and Aging infographic on high-impact topics such as comorbidities, support services, and additional resources. Click the buttons below to access the ADA accessible or print-friendly version.

The National Coordinating Resource Center (NCRC) of the AIDS Education and Training Center offers resources, tools, and webinars on a comprehensive range of services for people living with HIV. Use this resource to access the archived materials the NCRC created for adults over 50.

The Well Project is an organization specifically focused on HIV and women. Access this resource to learn more about key topics for women living with HIV who are aging.

TargetHIV, a Ryan White technical assistance program, offers webinars, tools, and training materials to develop Ryan White service delivery and operations. Review this resource to learn how to better support Ryan White clients over the age of 50. Some materials available in English, Haitian Creole, and Spanish.

NMAC’s webinar series, 50+ Strong and Happy, distributes current information on advocacy, research, clinical care, and community perspectives on HIV and Aging. Access this resource to watch their archived sessions and look for future episodes.

The American Academy of HIV Medicine created a specific course package to strengthen clinical providers’ capability to serve older adults living with HIV. Access this resource to learn more about clinical care ranging from medication management, frailty screening, chronic condition management, and more! Continuing education units available.

SAGE created the HIV and Aging Policy Action Coalition to develop advocacy for long-term survivors and LGBTQ+ older adults living with HIV. Access this resource to learn about policy strategies and opportunities to better serve these communities

GMHC constructed this comprehensive resource center on HIV and Aging geared towards both clients and service providers. Access it to learn about a plethora of physical health, psycho-social services, and community-specific considerations.

Senior Service Resources

Health In Aging is the up-to-date resource created by the American Geriatrics Society’s Health in Aging Foundation. Access this database to search for organizations, services, and resources for older adults and care providers.

Culturally Responsive Resources

This article highlights the intersectional experiences of transgender individuals and offers strategies to develop their strengths in the face of multiple societal inequities. Access this resource to learn more about how to support older transgender individuals living with HIV.