Alameda County Care Connect strives to support and promote increased coordination and effective, personalized care across all providers through systems improvements, while including the strength and support of the consumer’s personal networks in the care planning. Through standardization of practice, development of universal tools, and sharing of consumer health records, AC Care Connect seeks improve consumers’ experience while engaging in services. Benefits of enrolling into AC Care Connect include assistance with accessing housing resources, support navigating the health care system for individuals with complex medical, behavioral health and social needs, transition support for individuals to move from Skilled Nursing Facilities to supportive housing, and help getting connected to social services or mental health services.

THE Collaborative houses the Skills Development Unit (SDU) of AC Care Connect. The SDU provides training and technical assistance to the social service entities and their staff within Alameda County to increase their knowledge of sector providers, hone consumer engagement skills to improve front-line interactions and outcomes, support professional development for social service team members, and strengthen workforce retention.

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