1990-1999 - 1990-1999

1990: HOPWA Act passes

Americans with Disabilities Act enacted

Ryan White Care Act enacted

Ryan White dies at age 18

American Indian Week started in 1986 becomes Native American Heritage Month

A/PA Heritage Week becomes Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

1991: FDA licenses first rapid HIV test

Magic Johnson announces he is HIV+

Red Ribbon Project created

1992: CDC revises definition of AIDS to be more inclusive of women and IDUs.

1993: HIV Becomes Leading Cause of Death For Young Black Men & Women

Tennis star Arthur Ashe dies of AIDS

Carol Moseley Braun is the first African American woman to serve as U.S. senator

1994: Dr. Helene Gayle is named the director of the newly created National Center for HIV, STD and TB Prevention

AZT reduces Mother-to-Child transmission

FDA approves first oral test for HIV (OraSure)

HIV Positive Woman On Cover of Essence

1995: Rapper Eric Wright, aka Eazy-E, dies of AIDS

Olympic diver Greg Louganis announces he is living with HIV

1996: HAART becomes the standard of HIV care

Cover Stories About the “End of AIDS”

Dr. Ho is named Time magazine’s “Man of the Year”

1997: Ellen becomes the first television show to feature a lesbian or gay lead character

1998: Minority AIDS Initiative created

Clinton refuses to fund needle exchange programs

Ricky Ray Hemophilia Relief Fund authorizes payments to hemophiliacs infected with HIV through unscreened blood-clotting agents

Tammy Baldwin became the first openly lesbian elected to Congress

1999: Black AIDS Institute Founded

AIDS activist Reggie Williams dies

First National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day