2020-Present - 2020-Present

2020: HHS launches AHEAD: America’s HIV Epidemic Analysis Dashboard, a tool that provides data on the 6 Ending the HIV Epidemic indicators

Rate of HIVrelated deaths among people with HIV in the U.S. fell by nearly half from 2010 to 2017

Ryan White HIV/ AIDS Program (RWHAP) ClientLevel Data Report shows that clients receiving RWHAP medical care were virally suppressed at a record 88.1% in 2019

Say their name: Ahmaud Arberry; Breonna Taylor; George Floyd

Black Trans Lives Matter grows after Rem’mie Fells and Riah Milton are killed

The US Supreme Court blocks an attempt by the Trump administration to end DACA

2021: Kamala Harris is the 1st woman, 1st Asian American, 1st African American to become US Vice President

HIV National Strategic Plan for the United States: A Roadmap to End the Epidemic 2021-2025

FDA approves Cabenuva, the first injectable, extended release, monthly, complete HIV treatment regimen

The US publishes the National HIV/ AIDS Strategy (2022-2025)

FDA approves the first long-acting injectable form of HIV PrEP, Apretude

Juneteenth becomes a federal holiday, celebrating the emancipation of black slaves. The last federal holiday added was MLK Jr Day in 1983.

Stop Asian Hate rallies held in response to violence targeting Asians

June 5, 2021 marks 40 years since the first AIDS case was reported

2022: The Supreme Court officially reversed Roe v. Wade, declaring that the constitutional right to abortion, upheld for nearly a half century, no longer exists.