1950-1959 - 1950-1959

1952: Christine Jorgensen is the first American who comes forward publicly about being transgender

The first lasting gay organization, the Mattachine Society, is formed in LA, referring to themselves as a “homophile”

Man residing in Africa dies of an illness, later confirmed to be HIV

1954: US Supreme Court had outlawed segregation in public education in a landmark case (Brown v Board of Education)

1954: US institutes “Operation Wetback,” a controversial mass deportation, in which the US rounds up more than 1 million people

1954: In Hernandez v. State of Texas, US Supreme Court rules that MexicanAmericans have equal protection under the law

1955: Rosa Parks starts the Montgomery bus boycott

1956: James Baldwin publishes his first novel, Giovanni’s Room, a critically acclaimed work that explores bisexuality and intimacy between men

1955: The Daughters of Bilitis (DOB), considered to be the first lesbian rights organization, is formed by Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon in SF